Top 10 Power Rangers Episodes From Each Season

Usually when ranking the Power Rangers television show, it’s mainly listing what seasons they like from worst to best or an over all top 10, 20 episodes lists. But what about top episodes from EACH season? To my knowledge, there are no ranking lists like it.

Every single week for the next 20 weeks, I will be posting my top 10 Power Rangers episodes from each season and describing what I like about each episode chosen.

As with all these ranking lists, there are some disclaimers:

  • No team up episodes will be on these lists. While the team up episodes can be one of the season’s best episodes, it’s just doesn’t seem right to put it in a Top 10 because of that reason. Most Team Up episodes are just so good on their own that they deserve their own list. There is ONE exception to this, but we’ll get to that when it happens.
  • Samurai/Super Samurai, MegaForce/Super MegaForce and Dino Charge/Dino SuperCharge  will share one entry each. Spiritually, these six 20 episode seasons are really four 40 episode seasons. By themselves, they’re just too short to have two separate entries and it would just be weird to rank half a season’s worth of episodes.

I plan to have one list up a week, starting next week.



Power Rangers Ninja Steel Announced As The Next Power Rangers Adaptation, Will Stay On Nickelodeon Through Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

With the premiere of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge in 2 weeks (possibly 1 week if you follow me), we can expect more Power Rangers adventures after it wraps up in November. This week, it was revealed that Nickelodeon has renewed the show for two more years, which will take the show into it’s 25th Anniversary. We also found out what the next season will be called. “Power Rangers Ninja Steel”.


Now obviously, this reveals that Saban Brands has chosen to adapt “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger”, the 2015 Sentai over the 2014 train-themed Sentai, “Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger”. A really silly idea to skip a new theme in favor of a reused theme (Which I think trains would’ve actually worked), but whatever. I can deal with it. After all, Judd Lynn is returning as Head Writer and Executive Producer, so why worry?

We actually found out about this, quite oddly. Morphin’ K on Twitter, while snooping around found out that Saban Brands had filled a trademark for “Ninja Steel”. After this was found out by fans, and “nerd” news outlets, Saban Brands put out a press release announcing the debut of Dino Super Charge, Nickelodeon’s renewal, and Ninja Steel’s premise:

Saban’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts deep in space, where Zircon is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, and monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Zircon is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Spirit Crystal, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars. The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenage Power Rangers who possess the Spirit Crystal. The evil Zircon sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Crystal, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, in order to stop this evil threat and save our planet from destruction.

There hasn’t been a logo or marketing poster released yet, since this was leaked early, but I’ll update when those come about.

What are your thoughts about Power Rangers Ninja Steel? Will you tune in? Comment below.


Unleash The Power!-My Ranking Of All 21 Power Rangers Seasons

Welcome my readers, and happy belated 22nd birthday Power Rangers! It’s truly amazing how long this franchise has been around. It’s changed a lot through cast changes, corporate buyouts, crew members and a plethora of merchandise. They even have a new movie coming out in two years that’ll expand the Power Rangers Universe outside of the weekly 20 minute episodes.

With (pretty much) all of the Power Rangers seasons available on DVD from SHOUT! Factory and Lionsgate as well as streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon, it’s really easy to watch the 800+ episodes and determine which seasons are good and which ones are terrible. Many people have their own opinions on which seasons are worthy and which ones should be shunned, and I’m here today to show my full ranked list of all 21 Power Rangers seasons.

“But wait”, you ask yourself. “I thought there were 22 seasons, why are you excluding one season?” Well, because our 22nd season, Dino Charge, hasn’t been completed and won’t be completed until 2016. I’ll do another post when that happens, give my thoughts on what I thought of it and Dino SuperCharge, but we’re looking at all 21 COMPLETED seasons.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

All following photos are owned by SHOUT! Factory, Lionsgate and Saban Brands. I do not own or make money off of these photos. They are purely being used for opinion based activities.


#21: Power Rangers Super MegaForce-February 15, 2014-November 22, 2014

This season was the season that had a lot, and I mean ALOT, of potential that was wasted. This continuation of Power Rangers MegaForce featured all 5 main MegaForce Rangers getting a new power up called “Super Mega Mode” in which they use cell phone Morphers that can turn them into past Power Rangers through “Ranger Keys”. They also get a new Megazord which also can combine with some past Zords.

If a word can describe this season it’s procrastination. Everything just seems like it was thought about at the last minute. They probably had intended to use Goseiger for another year, but they suddenly decided to throw Gokaiger in there since it was the big anniversary season in Japan. So having them upgrade to the Gokaiger suits is just dumb. Personally, I think it would’ve worked if they did it Mighty Morphin Season 2 style, but that’s for another post.

There’s also the fact that it dishonors its past by having oxymoronic “New Legendary Rangers” a.k.a. Gokaiger footage of Sentai heroes that no one has ever heard of or care about. They could of just reshot it using Rangers we’ve seen, since they do have ALL THE SUITS, but nope.

The reason that this season is the worst is the big “Legendary” Battle at the end of the season. It was a last minute act and it shows. Apparently, having past guests come back, unless they were Jayden (ugh) or someone on the writing staff (double ugh), wasn’t part of their original budget. Why? If you knew you were going to do this, why wouldn’t this have been a priority? They did get 11 cast members to attend, but they were only Saban era Rangers and none from Disney, despite the fact that some Disney era Rangers were voice actors this season. What really hurts is the battle itself. All it features is the Rangers appearing on the mountain, coming down, guest Rangers take off their helmets, say some “encouraging words”, put their helmets back on, go into battle, MEGAFORCE RANGERS HOGGING THE SPOTLIGHT, NOT EVEN SEEING ANY OF THE RETURNNES IN AMERICAN OR JAPANESE FOOTAGE and they all go home when its done. Its just, disappointing.

Overall, its the worst that the show’s ever had and is not really worth watching for a long LONG time.

20-Power Rangers Samurai Season 18

#20: Power Rangers Samurai-February 7, 2011-December 10, 2011

This was the first season done under Saban Brands and the first one to be shot in High Definition. That was the good thing about it. Since everything was in HD now, everything looked so crisp and vibrant that it became a good visual show. Plus, it was easier to see what was American footage and what was Japanese footage.

The problem with this one was in the creativity department. After Saban Brands re-acquired the series from Disney in May of 2010, casting sheets were released a week later and shooting began in September of 2010 so that it could be ready for 2011. This resulted in a lot of its episodes being “translated” from Shinkenger, which made it really bizzare and awkward to watch.

Its also a very boring season, with a lot of the characters being stiff and over acting/under acting a lot of scenes. Unlike Super MegaForce, it is worth a watch, but only if you really want too. I have and I still cringe for most of it.

21-Power Rangers Super Samurai Season 19

#19: Power Rangers Super Samurai-February 12, 2012-Decemeber 15, 2012

This continuation of the Samurai storyline showed improvement from the previous season. The episodes were better, more adaptations of the Sentai and not translations, not as cringeworthy and it kept you interested, even if you had already viewed Shinkenger. This was also the season that introduced us to the very first concrete Female Red Ranger, which excited me when I saw it.

However, like the last season, its not a good one. While this one tried to lighten the translations, it was still pretty obvious in a lot of areas where it was copying Shinkenger. They also threw Lauren under the bus in the 5 episodes she was in. It felt like a thing that they HAD to do, not that they wanted to do. Now I know WHY they had to do it, Japanese footage, but its obvious that this was a forced thing.

It did show some effort at least and its worth watching a lot more than its predecessor. Although it is still pretty bad.


#18: Power Rangers MegaForce-February 2, 2013-December 7, 2013

Out of all the first four “Neo-Saban era” seasons, this one had to be the best. It was the 20th Anniversary season and it showed that they were willing to make this and the “Lord Voldemort” season the best they could. The first episode was probably the best one Power Rangers had had in a while. It was copying “Day Of The Dumpster”, but added its own flavor to it to make it unique and watchable. Plus, the holiday episodes that were used as clip shows (Seriously?) showed some major improvement as it was half clip show, half plot.

However, after the first episode, it all starts to fall down hill from there. Everything seemed like it was a step backwards. The episodes weren’t that interesting, they got a new toy every week, the Robo Knight stuff was bland and confusing and the major villains were killed off way too quick.

The only thing that made up for it, in a minor way, were the final two episodes. They were better cliffhanger episodes then Samurai’s final episodes were. Again, a really good effort, just not a really good outcome.

18-Power Rangers Jungle Fury Season 16

#17: Power Rangers Jungle Fury-February 18, 2008-November 3, 2008

I actually used to think Jungle Fury was the absolute worse season in history, even worse than Samurai and Super MegaForce. However, after watching the entire season for the first time, (I was out of Power Rangers when it was on) it’s a pretty decent season. It’s got good visuals, a really good theme song, some awesome character moments and was pretty solid despite being made under the 2007-2008 Writer’s Strike.

The issue I have with it, besides the three main Rangers and villains being uninteresting, is that it was over and done with too quickly. (You’re gonna hear me say that a few times.) Now this didn’t happen because it was 32 episodes long, I think this happened BECAUSE of the strike. Long story short, after the Rangers get their Jungle Master Mode, Bruce Kalish, John Tellgan and Jackie Marchand left the show to join the Writer’s Strike. As such, episodes 15-26 had to be written by non-union writers. However, according to rumor, it was believed that Judd Lynn came in under a different name to write a couple of episodes. Personally, I think they were all written by him, but that’s just because I love his work. All the strike episodes that were written sounds like episodes he would write.

The finale probably has to be the worst in the show’s history. It was just shoved in like they forgot about it and suddenly realized they needed to do it. At least with other one episode finales, the previous episode is connected to it, so it can be counted as a two parter. This one just felt loose.

17-Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Season 15

#16: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive-February 26, 2007-November 12, 2007

What? I like Operation Overdrive over Jungle Fury? Well, yes. Despite most people absolutely loathing it, I actually think it’s worth a watch, especially when compared to the first four Ne0-Saban seasons. It actually has a really cool theme to keep audiences interested, globe trotting. The Rangers are likably, say for Will, the visuals are decent and the Zords are just really, really awesome. Plus, Mack delivers one of the best lines ever in the show’s history. “I’m not human, and I’m just fine with that.”  speaking to the show’s unique viewers that it’s OK to be different.

With all the positives, the negatives sadly out weigh it. The villains are really boring, things that are foreshadowed aren’t foreshadowed well, an anniversary team up that focuses more on the Overdrive team than the veteran team and stupid technical things such as Florida all of the sudden having mountains and “telescopular” being a word even though it wasn’t.

Disney was the main suspect to this. According to Jackie Marchand, they pitched it to them as an Indiana Jones-esque series. Disney liked the idea……….and gave them a small budget and told them to use more Japanese footage. One Disney higher up even suggested to not film anything and just dub the show. It really is a shame, but they did what they could and I think it paid off in the end. (I say that loosely)

16-Power Rangers Mystic Force Season 14

#15-Power Rangers Mystic Force-February 20, 2006-November 13, 2006

Before RPM came along, this was probably the last Disney season that was watchable and likeable by a lot of people. It’s a really interesting season as it uses magic as the overall theme. The suits are really cool and streamlined with capes that add a really cool and unique touch. Plus, the Morphers are probably the best cell phone Morphers to date. They also decided to use a “Lord Of The Rings” style with this one instead of going all “Harry Potter”, which was utilized in Magiranger.

Where Mystic Force fails is in how the story is told. This is where Disney started to cut the seasons 6 episodes short and it really shows in this season. Nick, the Red Ranger, is given WAY too much focus and a lot of things are either wastes of time or just head-scratching. It’s not as obvious as the next two seasons, but it still is pretty obvious. The season’s story was just to big to tell with only 32 episodes.

6-Power Rangers Zeo Season 4

#14-Power Rangers Zeo-April 20, 1996-November 27, 1996

This was the season that diverted from the Mighty Morphin name, and brought in a handful of changes. Billy, the last original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, stepped down to a technical advisor, Tommy finally became a Red Ranger after 3 years of popularity, brand new suits, brand new Morphers, a brand new lair and brand new villians. Plus, the theme song was altered enough to divert it enough from the “Go Go Power Rangers” theme.

That being said, this season was very flat and very boring. The villains weren’t all that interesting to me, Zedd and Rita sticking around was weird and really didn’t fit in, the theme of the season was hard to figure out and bringing Jason back as the Gold Ranger only happened because it was seen as a “ratings savior” since the ratings were slipping at the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really interesting episodes to watch such as the Gold Ranger arc, the “King For A Day” 2-parter and “Another Song And Dance” to name a few, but overall it was just boring to me.

5-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Season 3normal_box-front

#13-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3-September 2, 1995-November 27, 1995/

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers-February 5, 1996-February 17, 1996

The final season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a bit of a strange one, but in a unique way. The Rangers’ get all new Ninja abilities which give them Ninja like uniforms much like in the theatrical movie that came out that summer, Bulk and Skull join the police force, showing their maturity as they’re really serious about doing their jobs, and Kimberly got an entire story arc that was about her departure and Kathrine taking her place. This was also the first season to introduce new Rangers and suits. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers was a 10-episode mini series that featured the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, which, as reported, was a hit with the audiences.

That being said, this one is my least favorite. For starters, the season starts with a three part team up with another Saban show, “Masked Rider”, which feels like it was meant for the end of Season 2, which I classify it as, and Katherine becoming the Pink Ranger too close to the Alien Rangers arc.

The Alien Rangers mini series was dragged this season down. The Rangers turned into kids and it was really annoying, even having them go to school because time went backwards (????). They were even credited in the intro, where as the Alien Rangers WERE THE ONES WHO WERE POWER RANGERS AND DESERVED THOSE SLOTS.

3-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Season 2-Volume 1

#12-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2-July 21, 1994-May 20, 1995

This was the season that said, “Hey, we’re a franchise now, so let’s make it even more awesome”. And they started that way….for the first half at least. The season opened, on primetime no less, with a 3-parter that introduced a brand new villain, new grunts and brand new Zords. It was amazing. The episodes were quite good and a bit cerealized. This was also the season that Tommy traded in his Green spandex for White and became the “leader” of the team (At the same date and time this fan was born). During the second half, there was a cast change when Rocky, Adam and Aisha came in to fill Jason, Zack and Trini’s boots.

There was a big problem with this one. For starters, after Tommy left the show for a bit after retiring as the Green Ranger, Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Thuy Trang left the show from either being denied a pay raise or being fired for speaking with the union. This resulted in stand-ins, replacement voice actors and stock footage of the three for about 14 episodes (They were still seen in new footage until “Opposites Attract) until their replacements came in. It shows. The dubbers rarely sounded anything like the three and it was blatantly obvious that they actually weren’t there. The three replacement Rangers, say for Adam, were just flat and not all that interesting. This was also the season that Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa got married since the show got complaints from parents that he was too scary….despite the fact that he was a VILLAIN. …..He still looked cool though.

13-Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 11

#11-Power Rangers Ninja Storm-February 15, 2003-November 15, 2003

The first season done by Disney had some interesting things going for it. It was the first season to only start out with 3 Rangers instead of the mandatory 5, having 2 evil Rangers instead of just one and since it moved over to New Zealand, if featured a lot of nice locations. There is a heavy taste of comedy in this one and it’s really good. Lothor, Marah and Kapri have the best comedy to work with and Vexacus was a really cool villain that was needed to break the comedic tone.

With that said, its a little bit TOO comedic. Most of the time, they went overboard with it and it got old fast. Especially with the villains. I really didn’t find Lothor and his crew threating, say for Vexacus. Most of the time all they did was crack jokes and it made them look ridiculous. Again, Lothor is a good comedian, just not a good villain. The first half of the season was pretty weird too as they were copying Hurricanger’s plots. I do understand why since this was the first season of a long running show made by a brand new head honcho, but it was just odd. My biggest complaint is with the Sensei as a CGI guinea pig. Why was that? It looked really weird and you really didn’t take him seriously.

7-Power Rangers Turbo Season 5

#10-Power Rangers Turbo: April 19, 1997-November 24, 1997

A lot of people claim this to be one of the worse seasons in Power Rangers history. However, I disagree with that as it does something that the bottom of the barrel seasons didn’t. And that was effort. It really shows that they were trying to make it good and, for the most part, it worked out. The theme song has got to be one of the show’s best music tracks ever produced, the Background Music itself has to be the best out of the first five seasons and it has the series’ best cliffhanger finale. This was all thanks to the head writing position being given to Judd Lynn during the second half. After the major cast change, Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen left the show and Judd Lynn, being a production manager and staff writer since the beginning, was given the head writer’s position as well as a co-producer credit. After his promotion, the show’s quality picked up and it became a really good watch.

There are a handful of negatives though. For starters, the replacement of Zordon and Alpha 5 with Demetria and Alpha 6 was dumb. Dimertia spoke in riddles, Alpha 6 was a jive talking robot from Brooklyn(……?) and they were both really annoying. At least Demetria spoke like normal in the second half. Second, the villains weren’t all that impressive. Not Divatox, but her crew. They always looked weird and never did anything that made them villains. Elgar and Rygog’s costumes were apparently altered from their Carranger costumes since they were too scary looking…..I guess.

Probably the most annoying thing about it was Bulk, Skull and Lt. Stone. Lt. Stone takes over the Juice Bar after Ernie departs….because and Bulk and Skull are monkeys for the first half of the season……because. Sadly, Lt. Stone left after this season for undisclosed reasons.

This is really a 50/50 season. While the first half was head-scratching and groaning to watch, the second half, thanks to the cast change and head writer, made up for it and it’s really worth a watch.

12-Power Rangers Wild Force Season 10

#9-Power Rangers Wild Force-February 9, 2002-November 16, 2002

The last season made by Saban Entertainment after the sale of Fox Family Worldwide to Disney made this one a season to remember….for both good and bad reasons. There are many things to like about Wild Force. The suits have got to be the best animal themed suits we’ve ever had, the Zords are really cool, despite the fact that they were now CGI instead of remote controlled models, the story of the Red Ranger and the main villain was really dark, especially for a kids’ show and to top it all off, its the season that has the two best team ups in the show’s history.

The bad thing about Wild Force was, like Super MegaForce, in the writing department, just not as bad. After Time Force, Judd Lynn and Jackie Marchand left the show in response to, not only working so hard on over 200+ episodes, but Johnathan Tzachor’s decision to follow Gaoranger more closely. Princess Shayla has to be the worst mentor ever. All she does is play a damsel in distress and sing to a passive aggressive robotic deer. Some episodes make you cringe as to why they were made. Why did we need an episode about bowling?

The finale, “The End Of The Power Rangers” was very lackluster. They spent all of this time fighting Master Org…..and then defeat him in the first 10 minutes of Part 2. Speaking of, the finale was supposed to be just that. The end of the series. After Disney had purchased Fox Family Worldwide, they planned to cancel the series and air all 10 seasons as reruns on the newly formed ABC Family channel. However, thanks to Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen working for the company, they persuaded Disney that the series was still popular enough, and profitable enough, to continue and it would be cheaper to film the episodes in New Zealand. And the rest is history from that point.

If it truly ended here though, I think it would have ended on a high note. Not as high of a note as a few other seasons, but we’ll get to that later.

1-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Season 1 Volume 1

#8-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1-August 28, 1993-May 23, 1994

“Ahh! He’s a casual fan! Shun him!” Yes, I think the first season of Mighty Morphin is the best. However, unlike others, I actually have reasons. For starters, this began the genre of Tokusatsu in America. No one had ever seen something like this before and it was just amazing to see how it grew into an overnight phenomenon. And then…..Tommy came along and made the series explode in popularity, even beating The Oprah Winfrey Show in ratings. My favorite portion of the season were the “Zyu2” episodes. Since the show used up Zyuranger’s 50 episodes in 40, Saban contacted Toei to create new fight footage that would only be used in Power Rangers. They used the Zyu2 footage up until “Green No More” in Season 2. Not too bad for 6 teenagers who invaded Universal Studios and backed up the L.A. Freeway for 10 miles.

That being said, it hasn’t aged well at all. The decade of humor is blatantly obvious, there were some Zyuranger shots here and there that showed things that weren’t supposed to be shown, Tommy basically being ‘The Kidnapped Kid’ when they needed to work around his Japanese footage and Zack’s hip hop kido moves were completely unnecessary…and racist. (You know it was.

14-Power Rangers Dino Thunder Season 12

#7-Power Rangers Dino Thunder-February 14, 2004-November 20, 2004

This was the season that was essentially Mighty Morphin 2.0. Like everyone else, I was ecstatic for the return of Tommy Oliver as the team’s mentor. It was a really nice touch since we’ve never had a retired Power Ranger be a mentor to the team, let alone come out of retirement and wear an all new suit and color. The teenagers were actually teenagers and actually made you believe that these are things that teenagers go through. (Say for being superheroes) This season had a number of really good tribute episodes. These included “Legacy Of Power”, which celebrated the series’ 500th episode, “Lost And Found In Translation” where the three main Rangers watch an English-dubbed episode of ‘Bakaryu Sentai Abaranger’, “Fighting Spirit” in which Tommy fights all of his past Ranger forms (excluding Turbo Red) while in a coma and the 2 part team up, “Thunder Storm” where they meet the Ninja Storm Rangers in an unexpected way.

The downside to this season was in the middle of it. When Jason David Frank signed on to do this season, he made a deal with the producers to go back home while they shot 10 episodes. So how did they solve this? Evil Trent froze him in amber and when they free him, he’s stuck in his suit. That means we could only hear his voice. This made things really awkward and made you ask a lot of questions such as “How did he eat?” and “How did he use the bathroom?”

There was also the issue with the White Ranger clone. In Abaranger, the White Ranger was evil for pretty much the entire season. To work around the footage, after Trent became good, they created the White Ranger clone to explain why his Zords were still acting evil and whatnot. I found it pretty stupid and a MAJOR drag down of the show’s pacing.

It’s still worth a watch and a recommendation if you were a Mighty Morphin’ kid.

19-Power Rangers RPM Season 17

#6-Power Rangers RPM-March 7, 2009-December 26, 2009

If you want Power Rangers to be dark and gritty, don’t watch that “Power/Rangers” film. Watch this masterpiece. But first, a little behind the scenes info. Disney actually wanted to end the series after “Jungle Fury” due to lack of interest from their higher ups. However, Jetix Europe had talked them into doing one more season and Bandai was going to continue making toys whether there was a show or not. Not wanting anything to do with the series, Disney hired Eddie Guzelian as executive producer and told him, “We don’t care what you do, go nuts.”

So, if its so good, why is it here and not in the top 5? Well, there’s some simple explanations for that. (For realz). For starters, it is said at the beginning of the series, if my memory is correct, that they couldn’t go outside of the domed city because they wouldn’t be able to breath the air. However, they go outside the city many, MANY times and don’t experience this problem. I could be wrong and could be getting that from “Clash Of The Red Rangers”, the 2 part team up episode in “Power Rangers Super Samurai”, but I’m pretty sure that was intact.

There was also the issue of a change midway through the season with the Executive Producer position. Eddie Guzelian had issues with getting things done on time due to him micro-managing everything to match his vision of the show. He’d never worked on a live-action show before, let alone a Power Rangers show and this made it difficult for him. He made a promise to the higher ups that he would get back on schedule. He did follow up on that promise…….and then Disney fired him. As such, Judd Lynn was brought back to fill in the role as the Executive Producer. This lead to some interesting and weird things like the episode “And Action!” which was a behind the scenes episode with everyone in character. This probably wasn’t going to be a thing as it was seen as a cover up episode so that he could play catch up.

There was also the fact that the Andros and Astronema storyline was flat out copied for the Dillon and Tenaya storyline. It was pretty much the same thing, with some minor differences, to the point where Tenaya’s cybernetic implants were in the same place as Astronema’s were. There is speculation that this WAS Eddie Guzelian’s plan for the two characters, but that can ‘t be true since all of his plans were scrapped when Judd Lynn came on board.

With those problems though, it didn’t really change the tone or pace of the season. Its got a lot of things Power Rangers hasn’t really done before. Character flashback episodes, showing people die, a good character that did something bad (Not saying, just watch it for yourself) and some really good forth wall comedy. Its really worth a watch and will have you on the edge of your seat.

15-Power Rangers SPD Season 13

#5-Power Ranger S.P.D.-February 5, 2005-November 14, 2005

I feel like every company that has owned Power Rangers in the past had their own “Mighty Morphin” season of popularity. Of course, Saban Entertainment had “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, Saban Brands had “Power Ranger Samurai” and “Power Rangers Super Samurai” and Disney had “Power Rangers S.P.D.” This season took Power Rangers’ production values to the next level by hiring Hollywood producer and visual artist, Greg Aronowitz. It shows. S.P.D is a really gorgeous looking season for its time. It’s got great costumes, beautiful sets, awesome props and some really cool animatronics. It made it feel like it WAS actually being filmed in 2025 instead of pretending like it was ala Back To The Future style. The theme song was the best in the show’s history, thanks to the return of Ron Wasserman, the man responsible for all the music from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Power Rangers In Space. It’s basically used as the soundtrack for the whole show and it blends in perfectly.

With SPD’s positives being in the production value and overall cast, it’s negatives came in the producer’s chair. This was Bruce Kalish’s first season as Head Writer and Executive Producer since Ann Austen and Douglas Sloan left the show since Disney wanted to start with something fresh to gain new audiences. He started near the end of Dino Thunder, as a staff writer and stayed on till Jungle Fury. His decisions on Power Rangers were mostly moronic and confusing. He’s the one responsible for the back explosions, turning the Omega Ranger into a ball of light and deciding to copy the Dekaranger episodes plot for plot, which lead the cast to a reset button installed and pressed after every episode.

The villains weren’t that interesting. Grumm looks scary, but spoke in gibberish. Broodwing was sly, but just was a standard black market criminal and Mora/Morgana was pretty pointless seeing how they didn’t do much with her anyway.

But to be perfectly honest, these negatives can be forgiven. It still is a REALLY awesome season filled with likeable, actable characters, really good visuals and a story that ends as cleanly as it began.

10-Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Season 8

#4-Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue-February 12, 2000-November 18, 2000

This was the season that got me into Power Rangers when I was 6 years old and it’s something of an underrated gem. This was the first season that recruited actual rescue heroes to become Power Rangers. Red Ranger Carter Grayson was a firefighter, Blue Ranger Chad Lee was a swimmer, Green Ranger Joel Rawings was a pilot, Yellow Ranger Kelsey Winslow was a mountain climber and Pink Ranger Dana Mitchell, who was daughter to the Captain who recruited them, was a paramedic. It was a good step by the production team adapt the Sentai, GoGoV closely because it showed the Rangers doing something else besides fighting monsters. They were rescuing and helping people whether it involved a monster attack or not. This is something a lot of Ranger teams should do all the time instead of fighting the monster and forming the Megazord.

This season was also the first one to include the very first American created Power Ranger. GoGoV, hence the name, didn’t have a sixth Ranger nor did they have a Phantom Ranger or Magna Defender like character to fill the sixth Ranger position with, so they decided to create the Titanium Ranger. He looked really cool and had an awesome weapon that transformed from an axe to a gun. This would be repeated again 8 years later in Jungle Fury as they created the 3 Spirit Rangers.

The issue with this one, once again, are the villains. The only two who really did anything besides stand around the Skull Cavern were Diabolico and Olympus. The other villains were just boring and uninteresting. Vypra was the worst since she overacted and drove around…… a go-cart………with wings…….I still think that’s the stupidest villain vehicle ever.

Still though, the season is really fun to watch and I’d highly recommend it. Especially if you love giant flying trains with Gatling blasters, freeze missiles and turbine lasers. (Seriously, that’s like the best thing ever!)

9-Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Season 7

#3-Power Rangers Lost Galaxy-February 6, 1999-December 18, 1999

Lost Galaxy is an amazing season that most seem to view as dry and boring, however I disagree. It’s a really fun season that has everything you love and more if you are a Star Trek fan (Talking to you Eric!). The sets are some of the show’s best from the sleekness and architecture of Terra Venture to the rocky and insect invaded look of the Scorpion Stinger. The villains were really, really cool in both looks and character traits and the finale has to be one of the best in the show’s history.

This season, unfortunately had a lot of negatives. The big issue with the season are the arcs. They made very little sense and were sometimes dragged out to long. For example, The Lights Of Orion/Magna Defender arc was a nightmare to make. Production was behind schedule, scripts were handed out the day they shot them and one episode wasn’t even finished a few days before its airdate. The Lost Galaxy saga was also confusing as it was trying to explain why the season was called “Lost Galaxy”. It was really boring and, in my mind, not really needed.

This was also the first season to have a Ranger die in the line of duty. Valerie Vernon, Kendrix’s actress was diagnosed with leukemia and had to leave to undergo treatment. So how do they write her off? By………killing her. No…..seriously, they actually showed her getting killed and going to heaven. I really don’t understand why they would do that knowing she could’ve died from the cancer. Luckily, her treatments were successful and she was able to comeback in the season’s final scene……by magic……because. Her replacement during that time was, non other than Karone.

It’s a really good season to watch, especially if you’re a Star Trek fan and want to see Power Rangers’ take on it.

8-Power Rangers In Space Season 6

#2-Power Rangers In Space-February 6, 1998-November 21, 1998

And if Lost Galaxy is Power Rangers’ Star Trek, then In Space is Power Rangers’ Star Wars. Due to the behind the scenes tumult of Turbo, the production team got a much smaller budget and was looking to rely on the Sentai footage for it. When they saw clips of the Sentai taking place in space and fighting aliens with spaceship Megazords, they thought they were already set as this was an all out space war series.

Except……….it wasn’t. Megaranger was actually a video game and technology series that took place on Earth. The only thing space-themed about it were the Megazords. And even then, they only went up to space to form them. After learning about this, the production team came up with the most logical decision……

“WHO THE HECK CARES? LET’S MAKE A SPACE WAR SERIES THAT PULLS OUT ALL THE STOPS!” In Space is a great blend of episodes, characters, and story that keeps audiences glued down to their seats. This was also the season that drove Power Rangers in a dark direction. Storylines such as Karone’s kidnapping, Zhane being on medical support, the realization of Karone being Astronema, her cybernetic change and the motives of the Physco Rangers were storylines that Power Rangers never had done before. (One was actually copied coincidentally in another “final” season) It all ends with a big battle royale across the universe as all the villains attack multiple plants at once so that Earth is free range for attack. Zordon tragically dies and sends out a wave of energy that turns the villains into sand and turns the human like villains good.

There’s just one thing that season has that puts it here and not at #1. The first half was genertic. Aside from the premiere, and a handful of episodes, it was just funky. Probably the reason why is because of the infamous team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…..the Next Mutation versions. Now I would actually like to see this happen as a comic book or a movie, not as a way to promote your other show that only lasted 26 episodes (with two of them being clip shows). It’s a really awful episode and just worth skipping, but that’s for another day.

Overall though, this season is a must watch. You might want to watch Mighty Morphin-Turbo first before this one. It would be odd to watch this first and not know what events they’re talking about unless you’ve seen those events prior.

11-Power Rangers Time Force Season 9

#1-Power Rangers Time Force-February 3, 2001-November 17, 2001

I love this season. No, seriously. I REALLY LOVE this season. Mainly, just because of how mature it is. This was the season that got me excited as a child. I couldn’t miss an episode and be upset if I did. I even remember watching the finale promos and being really hyped to watch those final three episodes.

Time Force IS the season to watch if you want to see Power Rangers at a mature level. The Red Ranger, Wes, is a rich kid that grows into a real hero, the Pink Ranger, Jen, is the leader out for revenge, the Blue Ranger, Lucas, is a former race car driver with regret, the Yellow Ranger, Katie, is a strong independent women who has fears of her family and desires to go home and the Green Ranger, Trip, is an alien who is misunderstood. There’s also the Quantum Ranger, Eric, who is the polar opposite of Wes who has his own motives and goals.

All three villains, Ransik, Nadira and Frax all have backstories and changes that make you feel sorry for them. Ransik was born a mutant and swears vengeance on humanity for drowning him out, Frax is a robot who was once a human who was nearly killed by his boss whom he gave medicine to take care of his deformities and Nadira is Ransik’s daughter who follows in her father’s footsteps at first, but as the season goes on (not really implied or shown but I could see it), she begins to realize that it’s wrong to hate and that everyone should love one another.

The overlying theme of the series is destiny and it really showcases it well. Mainly with Wes, who’s father chose his destiny for him, but then decided to chose his own path which his father is really proud off. Eric is the same way, learning over time that power isn’t everything and that you need to be loyal to your teammates, even if you don’t like them.

This was the season that got away with a lot of things, and I mean ALOT. Ransik giving a terrorist like speech, Jen’s former partner putting a riffle on her back, Ransik invading a corporate building, WES’ FATHER BREATHING FOR OXYGEN AND DIEING and a brutal final battle were all things Power Rangers seasons had never done before of after it. So much so that after 9/11, the first 30 episodes had to be tweaked as to make it not as dark and mature as it was….even though after these tweaks, it still was pretty dark and mature.

The finale is the best in the show’s history as it tells the story slowly and perfectly. It’s much like Green With Evil, but better as this one told its story in 3 parts instead of 5. Everyone’s problems are addressed, characters advance, the battles are gruesome and Ransik, thanks to his daughter surrenders peacefully to the Rangers. After this action, he’s jailed instead of getting the Han Solo treatment as stated in the first episode.

This is the season I’d happily rewatch from start to finish over and over again. The story’s really good, the acting is really good and we’ll probably see nothing like it again (Not to mention that this cast has had more roles after Power Rangers then anyone else, rather then Keith Robinson from Lightspeed Rescue.) and there WILL be moments that will make you misty. Trust me, get the tissues. I really recommend it even if you’re not a Power Rangers fan. Trust me, you’ll like it a lot more than Mighty Morphin.

Well, that’s my ranked list. What do you guys think? What’s your favorite and least favorite season? Leave your comments below or on my Twitter, @TucsonPRZealot.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Return Moved Up From August 29th To August 22nd

Yesterday, a tweet made by long time Power Rangers TV listings guy, BurgundyRanger, revealed something interesting……and a bit confusing.

While I’m happy that Dino Charge will be returning a bit earlier, I’m baffled at this. Why was this pushed up a week early? Number of episodes left? Making up for lost time? Early airings on Cartoon Network Latin America? (Most likely) Who knows? 

Are you happy to get Dino Charge back early? Let me know. 


Power Rangers PEZ Despensers On The Way In 2016


Discovered by The Fonz on Rangerboard, it looks like we’ll be getting Power Rangers PEZ Despensers in 2016. 

The three featured are the Red, Black and Pink Mighty Morphin Rangers. Nothing is confirmed about the other 3 (or 4) yet, but I highly doubt they would leave them out.

As Bruno of MMPRtoys would say, “I think I need that!” 

Will you be picking these up to add to you Power Rangers or PEZ collection? Let me know below.